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Zhu Zhu pet reward for 150 pictures done & HUGE THANK YOUS!

Zhu Zhu pet reward for 150 pictures done & HUGE THANK YOUS!

As a little Mummy & Daddy reward for reaching 150 pictures, we purchased Jack a Zhu Zhu pet. He loves his hedgehogs and they recently launched a Hedgehog one. It was a little treat but he is absolutely over the moon at getting it and plays with it all the time. It is driving Mummy & Daddy nuts. Noah is scared of it and Toby wants to know where his one is. Ha ha, guess we need to order another!

Thank Yous

We have received quite a few donations of art materials, letters and nice messages over the last week or so, so a big thank you (in no particular order) to Quinton Stenson, Erica & Hannah, Tim (Interesting North), Penny Mackreath, Shirley, Emma & Lewis Campbell, Teresa Bracks & friends & family and Ian Taylor.

Thank you so much. We try to go back to everyone who has emailed, messaged or sent an art supplies donation.

If we have missed you out, don’t take it personally, its just a wee mistake. Our house is a messy mix of art supplies, paper and the usual mess a house with 3 kids has.

Thank you, we really do appreciate each and every message, tweet, letter and donation.

Get in touch if you have any questions about sending Jack art supplies. If we have missed you out, let us know and we'll do our best to find out why.

PRESS RELEASE — Jack Draws Anything launches fundraising competition to win chance to meet “The Wiggles”

Jack Henderson, the six–year–old drawing sensation who has captivated a global audience selling his pictures to raise money for the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation, has been given a huge fundraising boost by international superstars The Wiggles.

PRESS RELEASE — Jack Draws Anything launches fundraising competition to win chance to meet “The Wiggles”

Photograph by Ed Henderson

The Wiggles, children’s entertainers from Australia famous worldwide for their unique and dynamic songs and dances, are back in Edinburgh for one concert as part of their 20th birthday Greatest Hits tour. They have donated a fantastic competition prize to Jack’s fundraising efforts for one lucky person to win a family ticket for four to the event at the Edinburgh Playhouse on Wednesday 25th May 2011 – and the lucky winner and friends will meet The Wiggles before the show.

For the chance to join Jeff, Anthony, Murray and Sam as well as their Wiggly friends, Jack has decided that the competition, for under 13s, will be to draw and colour in a picture of something to do with The Wiggles. He has asked that everyone entering a picture makes a donation, no matter how small, to help him reach his £20,000 fundraising target. Entries close on Wednesday, 18th May.

Jack will select the winner, a runner up (who will win a selection of drawing materials) and a third place (who will win a Jack Draws Anything t-shirt). His decision is final and the top three winning entries will appear on the Jack Draws Anything website.

Jack has been to every Scottish Wiggles concert since 2005. He was thrilled when Santa left tickets for him and his brothers for this year’s event and was stunned to get this prize from his favourite group. He said:

I love The Wiggles and I am so excited, I can’t wait to see them at the concert. I am very happy that they have given me a prize so that I can raise even more money for the Sick Kids.”

Ed, Jack’s dad added:

Jack’s brother, Noah, has been back in hospital recently and that’s only made Jack more determined to keep going with his drawings. So far, he’s done 158 drawings in 48 days, with almost 400 still to go. This kind donation by The Wiggles has really fired Jack up again, he was thrilled that they wanted to help him.

Notes to Editors

  1. To enter, print out an entry form from jackdrawsanything.com. Rules of entry are also found on the site.
  2. Entries should be sent to Jack Draws Anything, c/o Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity (previously The Sick Kids Friends Foundation), The The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, 20 Millerfield Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1LW
  3. The winner plus 3 friends will meet The Wiggles at 12 noon on Wednesday, 25th May 2011, then on to the concert at 1pm. The prize doesn’t include transport.

9th May 2011

PRESS RELEASE — Jack Draws Anything launches fundraising competition to win chance to meet “The Wiggles”

Photograph by Ed Henderson

Jack opens up offers for 1 picture request to celebrate 3000 Facebook fans

Tomorrow night, Monday 9 May 2011 at 8pm (Scotland time), Jack will update the status on his Jack Draws Anything Facebook page and all folk interested in requesting a picture may do so for 1 hour.

Today Jack Draws Anything reached 3000 Facebook fans and as our way of celebrating we are going to offer 1 picture request (and 1 only) up to a lucky person. Because the initial picture request time frame was only 2 weeks (and we are now at the end of week 7, a lot of folk didn’t get the chance).

To do this, please reply to Jack’s status update TOMORROW. At 9pm we will stop taking suggestions.

Over the next few days Jack will choose his favourite and we will announce the winner. Then it will be drawn. Simple. Any questions, please ask us.