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PRESS RELEASE — Jack breaks through £10,000 target

International Internet sensation Jack Draws Anything has broken his ambitious £10,000 donation target for the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation.

The brainchild of six–year–old East Lothian schoolboy Jack Henderson and his family, the website Jack Draws Anything has received over 72,000 views from 115 countries worldwide since its launch just two weeks ago. The Cockenzie Primary School pupil has had around 600 picture requests and completed 60.

Junior artist Jack has been asked by some of his thousands of fans to draw Mr Potato Head riding a purple elephant eating banana Ice cream on a see-saw with a gorilla, a picture of himself drawing a picture to a banana on a skateboard. He has even been asked to design a cover for marketing magazine The Drum and name a new baby.

Donations have ranged from £2 from a pensioner to £100 from companies wanting their logos produced. He has received 1800 emails in two weeks with cats and dinosaurs being the most popular requests and gone through four sets of pens and two sets of crayons.

Jack’s Mum, Rose Henderson, said:

“The past fortnight has been absolutely phenomenal. Jack has worked very hard and we really can’t believe how this idea to raise £100 has completely taken off.”

Jack had the idea after selling a picture for 20p at a local craft fair. His baby brother Noah, aged one, regularly attends The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh with chest problems and he wanted to do something to help.

Jack said:

“I am really happy to have made lots and lots of money for the hospital. I love drawing and I hope people like the funny pictures.”

It has been a family affair for the Prestonpans brood; with middle brother Toby helping with colouring and inspiration and even baby Noah grabbing a pen here and there. Mum Rose and Dad Ed have been busy updating the website, responding to requests and managing their son’s publicity trail while continuing to run the family home, as well as their respective jobs.

And although requests are no longer being accepted, Ed hopes people who have been moved by Jack’s determination and story will continue to visit the site and donate.

Rose added:

“Ed and I are very lucky to have three lovely little boys. This has been an amazing couple of weeks for our family and we are delighted to be able to make this donation to the hospital that has been a fantastic support to us.

“There are a lot of drawings still to do but Jack is taking it all in his stride. He is a very determined boy who loves drawing and loves his brothers so together, in time, we will complete all the requests.

“I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us in the fortnight – we are completely overwhelmed.”

Maureen Harrison, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity (previously The Sick Kids Friends Foundation), said:

“Everyone at the Sick Kids Friends Foundation is so grateful to Jack and all the Henderson family for this wonderful innovative way of helping the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. It’s a fundraising masterpiece, devised by a little boy with a big heart supported by his truly remarkable parents and little brothers.

“It has inspired so many people to make donations that will be used to help make the sick kids even better. We can't thank Jack and his family enough for helping the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.”

To view Jack’s artwork, or make a donation, log onto jackdrawsanything.com.