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Olympics 2012 Collection — Andy Murray

Olympics 2012 Collection–Andy Murray

Jack was very impressed with fellow Scotsman Andy Murray’s recent Wimbledon appearance, his London Olympics gold/silver medal and his US Open triumph. So much so he decided to make him the first entry in his Olympics 2012 Collection.

Jack drew Andy in his favourite yellow colour with his curly brown hair and his gold/silver medal and his US Open trophy.

(Apologies for the delay in getting this picture onto Jack’s website, we have been very busy emigrating to California. Jack drew this picture before we left Scotland.)

Young artist turns fashion designer for charity

Young artist turns fashion designer for charity

AN ARTISTIC school boy who raised a staggering £32,000 for the Edinburgh Sick Kids Friends Foundation (SKFF) has switched paper for fabric to support the charity once more.

Seven–year–old Jack Henderson will become part of SKFF’s 20th anniversary celebrations after designing a t–shirt featuring a unique heart symbol and his signature.

Jack has also designed a Christmas–themed t–shirt, which will go on sale from October.

Jack, from Prestonpans, achieved worldwide fame last year when he launched a campaign to raise money for SKFF when his little brother Noah was treated at the hospital after falling ill.

The creative youngster offered to draw anything anyone requested of him in exchange for donations to the Foundation. Such was the demand for his pictures, Jack created his website (jackdrawsanything.com) with the help of his dad, Ed.

Initially setting out to raise £100 for the Foundation, Jack ended up raising a staggering £32,000 and his creations were commissioned from as far afield as Australia.

Jack said: Everyone seemed to enjoy my drawings and now I hope they will like my t–shirt designs. So many people have been very generous and helped me raise a lot of money for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, but if you still want to donate, I would be really happy if you would buy a t–shirt!.

Maureen Harrison, chief executive of SKFF, said: Jack has already proved himself to be a very creative young boy with all of his excellent drawings and I’m delighted he is helping us raise even more funds for our 20th anniversary by designing some fantastic t–shirts.

We want this year to be our best so far so please dig deep and invest in one of SKFF’s commemorative 20th anniversary t–shirts. All funds raised from the sales of the t–shirts will help fund innovative equipment, training and research, and also provide support for patients and their families.

Jack’s t–shirts are available in two sizes, ages 3–4 and 5–6, and cost £5 each.

His book ‘Jack Draws Anything’ is on sale in the UK, South Korea and Brazil.

(Original article taken from East Lothian Courier by Kirsty Gibbins)

Dads Rock

Dads Rock is the only free musical group in Scotland, for dads by dads. They recently got in touch and asked Jack if he would be willing to have a bash at drawing their logo and wanted to know if Jack and his brothers would like to come along to one of their sessions. Jack thought the logo was awesome and jumped at the chance.

Dads Rock

Bit more about Dads Rock

Dads Rock was started by David Marshall and Thomas Lynch, two local dads who wanted somewhere fun and positive to take their kids. They run every Saturday, 1000-1130, for kids aged 0-5 years. They have toys, games, a healthy snack and story time, musical instruments and some cool rock music thrown in too!

Dads do Rock!

Dads Rock