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Insensitive emails

Rose & I (Jack’s Mummy & Daddy) are writing this post so that perhaps some people (not everyone) can understand a bit better about our situation. We are very aware not everyone follows us on Facebook and Twitter, or checks the website, or the FAQ but we are doing our best to stay in touch. We are probably preaching to the converted and for that we are sorry.

We apologise for repeating ourselves but we have been left with no choice after being continually asked (in some cases, hassled) by people asking where their picture is. They ordered it weeks ago. The very use of the word order implies some sort of business transaction. We are talking about a 6 year old boy and some fundraising that went a little bit viral.

Please try to understand this before sending us an email. Can we please remind everyone that Jack is only 6. We are all trying our hardest to manage this wonderful situation, but we have our normal lives going on and with a very sick little boy who was again in hospital last week, we can only do so much.

Jack is doing his pictures as quickly and as safely as possible–if this is not good enough then we can only apologise but our children’s welfare will ALWAYS come first. Continually hassling us, asking where your picture is will not get us to do it quicker, and in all honesty is very very disappointing.

To finish, if you think this is unfair and would like to cancel your order then please email me (Jack’s Dad) personally–me@jackdrawsanything.com and I will arrange for your picture to be cancelled and your donation returned to you. We apologise for the inconvenience to you.

Two Ood (Doctor Who aliens) in a kayak going different ways using their spheres as paddles for Debbie Happell of KAYAK

Two Ood (Doctor Who aliens) in a kayak going different ways using their spheres as paddles for Debbie Happell of KAYAK

Debbie’s original brief for Jack was:

The name of my company is Kayak–which is a word reads the same forwards as it does backwards. Can you draw 'something that looks the same forwards as it does backwards'? A bit of a challenge there!

Once I explained what a kayak was and while an "apple" can go forwards and backwards (Jack demonstrated by rolling one along the ground), it probably wasn't the kind of backwards and forwards that Debbie was looking for was.

He decided to draw exactly what you see above, two Ood, these are aliens in Doctor Who. Enjoy.