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3000 Facebook Fans Celebration Contest — Jack’s choices

Finally got round to collating all of the suggestions from our wee competition on Monday. This was when we opened up the lines for 1 (and 1 only) drawing request to celebrate our 3000th Facebook Fan. Here are all the suggestions (we have trimmed out the messages and just left the requests).

Jack will choose over the next few days and it will be drawn. We won't reveal who wins till its done and scanned.

Please ping us if there is a typo / mistake or we somehow managed to miss you out.

George Lord
Some scouts putting up a tent in the nice sun
Victoria Furzer-Pickett
Jack with his family receiving an OBE from the Queen
LauraKay Bunnett
Dancing Hedgehogs in the disco with flashing lights please
Jacquie Finney
Sick kids leaving hospital when they are better and going home thanks to the doctors, nurses and YOU!
Sarah Richard
Green dinosaur with two heads and 10 eyes. Oh and can one head be a boy and the other head a girl–with a pink bow and everything. Oh and the boy head should have horns
Claire Concannon
Girl floating away with a bunch of balloons
Liz Duffill
Doctor Who eating fish fingers and custard with the young Amy Pond
Grace McGowan
Draw yourself as a Lego character
Antonia Lines
Amy Pond and the Doctor riding on a dinosaur
Jen Kerin
Boy lobster and a girl lobster holding hands
Leanne Hardy
RSPCA Inspector at work, with some animals
Rebecca Jane Quintin
Dr Who and the TARDIS
Claire Humphries
Stegosaurus having a picnic with an old and wise Hedgehog
Liz Howard
Loch Ness Monster and a dolphin swimming together in the loch
Jill Millar
My kids Lucy and Harry in their pirate costumes
Emily North
Lego man dressed as a hedgehog OR a picture of a hedgehog drawing a picture of you!
Ross Lawrie
Myself, acting as a Star Wars ’Sandtrooper’ (with orange shoulder pauldron)
Sarah Tennant
Doctor Who trying on funky hats (with Amy and Rory too)
Catherine Jennings
Cow up a tree
Shona Nicholson
Jack and the whole family doing whatever their favourite family activity is
Richard Penford
Yellow and red Dalek on a trampoline
Nicky Guttridge
Space octopus with spaceship
Maggie Farley
Monkey in a hot air balloon
Mike Tawil
Aerial view of a man wearing a large sombrero riding a bike
Carl Sithis Murden
Red and blue dog that is chasing a blue car with yellow spots
Grace McGowan
Jack as a lego character
Lesley Atkinson
What inspired you to start “Jack Draws Anything”, could be Noah, could be the hospital or your wwhole family. Just whatever it was that made you go “aaahhh i know what i can do to help”
Chris Wood
A moose wearing sunglasses while riding a unicycle with a flat tyre
Marti Hayes
Gillian Abram
Bat attacking a werewolf
Siân Nelson
Jack and his Daddy doing their “live” Facebook chat on Saturday night!
Gemma Marie Davis
Jellyfish and a bear
Tabatha ’English Rose’ Richardson
Boogie boogie hedgehog
Anne Duncanson
Super Mario skydiving on the back of a giant butterfly
Di ’mrs-depp’ Alexander
Two clowns playing football. One of them carrying the olympic torch while he plays. Put your fave footy team shirt on them
Correen Hope
Bright yellow digger
Mary Tsenti
Jelly bean family
Kirsty Miller
Yourself as your favourite superhero
Ali Plumb
Ostritch eating a spag bol. and a giant ice cream sundae waiting for him
Andy Overton
A giraffe, a pig and a robot having a battle over a massive cake!
Sharon Hodgson
A hedgehog cooking cheese on toast on a camp fire
Natalie ’Blaze’ Roddy
Hot air balloon flying over a field with sheep
Melanie Wood
Space rocket going to the moon x
Karen Owens
Jack and Lucas having a snowball fight on the moon
Robin Herringshaw
Big ice cream with 10 different flavours
Jacob Roberts
Draw a horse with a shoe on it’s head!
Zoe Blythe
2 owls, one girl with a lovely flower on it’s head and a boy with a green bow tie!
Emily Blythe
Killer whale on a skateboard
Lee Managh
A Triforce
Rachel Biggins
Oompa Loompa in the chocolate river (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Claire Law
Absorbaloff from Doctor Who
Laura Macdonald
The Queen sitting with her feet up watching the telly and picking her nose!
Karen Browne
Bunny in a rocket flying to Mars to visit the Martian Funfair
Lou Barton
Polar bear sun bathing on a beach with cool shades on drinking a nice coooooool drink
Chelsea Anne-Marie Gore
Me and my family camping with a camp fire and roasting marshmallows
Rachael Fynn
A turtle & a fish surfing

PRESS RELEASE — Jack Draws Anything shortlisted for Charity Award

Six–year–old Internet sensation Jack Henderson has been shortlisted for the Charity Champion at this year’s Scottish Charity Awards

PRESS RELEASE — Jack Draws Anything shortlisted for Charity Award

Jack, of Prestonpans, East Lothian, has raised over £16,000 for the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation by accepting donations in return for picture requests. Within two weeks, over 500 pictures had been requested.

He has gone on to appear on national television, built over 3000 Facebook fans and attracted over 100,000 people to his website jackdrawsanything.com.

Jack’s dad Ed Henderson said:

We are so delighted Jack has been shortlisted for this award. Jack Draws Anything has been a real family affair and we are just happy to have been able to raise money for the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation. To have been nominated and shortlisted in recognition is great.

Jack wanted to raise money for the hospital baby brother Noah attends regularly and parents Rose and Ed had thought it might be a good way to raise £100. But the Prestonpans brood, including middle brother Toby, have enjoyed a whirlwind couple of months since the site’s launch.

Maureen Harrison, Chief Executive of the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation added:

We are very excited that Jack’s wonderful pictures and really innovative fundraising which will benefit so many children has been shortlisted for this award.

The Awards Dinner will be held at Mansfield Traquair Centre, Edinburgh on June 16.

For further information, please contact Rose & Ed Henderson (Jack’s Mum & Dad), me@jackdrawsanything.com