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HUGE announcement coming — Mañana

HUGE announcement coming–Mañana

Be sure to check Jack’s website, and/or Facebook page tomorrow (Monday 23 May 2011). Time still to be confirmed although lunchtime / early afternoon looking good (Scotland time of course).

We have a big, no major, no gigantic, nay, HUGE announcement coming. Probably the biggest thing to happen so far in this amazing/crazy fundraising project. We hope you all are going to like it and help us spread the word even more!

Best way to find out as soon as Daddy pushes the big red button tomorrow is by following Jack on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, or check the website every 1 minute.


Meet The Wiggles Competition — and the winner is…

Jack says a HUGE thank you for all the entries, He took his time this evening and weighed up all the pictures based on skill and age and he has come to a decision.

1st Place–Connie Mclaughlan (Age 3)

Meet The Wiggles Competition–and the winner is…

Well done Connie, you have won a family ticket for 4 to see The Wiggles on Wednesday in Edinburgh AND a meet and greet with The Wiggles before the concert.

Also a big well done to:

  • 2nd Place–Lucas Donnelly (Age 2)–you win some Art Supplies
  • 3rd Place–Izzy Millar (Age 11)–you win a Jack Draws Anything t-shirt

Jack’s Dad will be in touch very soon about getting your prizes to you.

Thank you to everyone who entered and who helped spread the word about the compeition. Jack was very impressed at the high skill level of all the drawings and found it very difficult to choose one.

Me singing with The Wiggles for Greg Page

Me singing with The Wiggles for Greg Page

This picture is for Greg Page, formerly of The Wiggles. Greg had to leave in 2006 due to ill health. Growing up with The Wiggles, Jack is a big fan of them (obviously) and Greg. Jack was very sad when he heard Greg had to leave.

Greg got in touch made a lovely donation and asked for Jack to draw him "singing with The Wiggles." Jack’s interpretation of this was to draw the present day Wiggles AND Greg to create a double yellow fantastic five!

We hope you like it.