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Mystery donator takes Jack past £13,000

Just a quick post to say, HURRAH, Jack has now reached an impressive £13,000 in only 38 days (£13,224.52 to be exact).

Thanks to a mystery donator (well, we know who it is), a whopping £238 was deposited into the Sick Kids Friends Foundation bank account today.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, our mystery donator and those of you who helped get Jack from £12,000 to £13,000. Since we stopped taking picture requests a couple of weeks ago, raising money has become a lot tougher, so THANK YOU.

However, we still have almost £2,000 to go till we reach our (“last” says Dad, Jack still wants a million) target, so if you are enjoying Jack’s pictures and/or his website and haven’t yet done so, why not donate a couple of pounds to help Jack, help the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. A hospital that cares for his wee brother Noah (11 visits in 23 months and counting), his other brother Toby, himself, and thousands of other boys and girls.

You can go straight to the JustGiving website where you can donate safely and securely.

As always, if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please email us at me@jackdrawsanything.com and we will do our best to help.

(Jack’s Dad)

Penguin for my two grandsons Kieran and Ryan

Penguin for my two grandsons Kieran and Ryan

The short request for this picture was:

I would like a picture of a penguin to give to my two grandsons Kieran and Ryan who live in Germany to remind them of me as I don’t see them very often.

Jack used his penguin cuddly toy that Santa brought him last year as reference and he decided to add 2 snowballs, one with a K and one with an R.

Happy girl with a super leg for Ruby

Happy girl with a super leg for Ruby

The original brief for this picture was as follows:

Our daughter Ruby has had lots of great care in the Sick Kids too. We think this is a brilliant way of raising money for them and would like to support you too. Ruby is nearly 2, she has a broken leg just now and we wondered whether you might be able to draw a picture of a happy girl with a super-leg having fun to cheer her up. She is very smiley even though she can't do lots of her favourite things like running and swimming just now and a picture would make her feel very happy.

Jack decided to draw Ruby AS Supergirl, a superhero little girl with an "R" on her chest. She is flying even though she has her leg broken. We had to guess which one it was so 50/50 chance we were right.