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Jack opens up offers for 1 picture request to celebrate 3000 Facebook fans

Tomorrow night, Monday 9 May 2011 at 8pm (Scotland time), Jack will update the status on his Jack Draws Anything Facebook page and all folk interested in requesting a picture may do so for 1 hour.

Today Jack Draws Anything reached 3000 Facebook fans and as our way of celebrating we are going to offer 1 picture request (and 1 only) up to a lucky person. Because the initial picture request time frame was only 2 weeks (and we are now at the end of week 7, a lot of folk didn’t get the chance).

To do this, please reply to Jack’s status update TOMORROW. At 9pm we will stop taking suggestions.

Over the next few days Jack will choose his favourite and we will announce the winner. Then it will be drawn. Simple. Any questions, please ask us.

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