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Freddie Mercury (Live at Wembley ’86) for Gillian Alcantara

We have done our best to answer all of the many Jack related questions that have been asked over the last wee while. If you have a question that is not listed here, please send us an email and we will do our best to answer.

1. Timeline please?
2. What does Jack look like now?
Jack Henderson in 2019 (Q3)
Jack Henderson in 2019 (Q3)
3. Is Jack still drawing?
Sorry, but Jack is no longer taking drawing requests. Don’t worry, he is still doing normal drawing for his age, both in school and at home. Jack Draws Anything has come to The End.
4. What is/was wrong with Jack’s brother Noah?
Since he was 3 months old, Noah has had chest problems. When he gets any kind of cold or viral infection, it gets very serious for him. It turns into bronchiolitis, pneumonia and other types of chest infections that put his life in danger. He has trouble breathing, coughs a lot, high temperature, sickness and is generally very unwell. He needs medicine and oxygen. Sometimes he needs to go to hospital and receive extra care. When its very bad he can be admitted for days at a time. He has been to the High Dependency unit on a number of occasions. We reckon he has been into Hospital 20+ times.
5. Is Jack still taking drawing requests?
Sorry, but Jack is no longer taking drawing requests. Don’t worry, he is still doing normal drawing for his age, both in school and at home. Jack Draws Anything has come to The End.
6. Can I use one of Jack’s pictures for <something>?
We are pretty easy going and want to make sure that Jack, Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity (previously The Sick Kids Friends Foundation), Royal Hospital for Sick Children remain unexploited and looked after. If you want to use a photograph of Jack, his brothers or one of his pictures for some other project or commercial activity, please contact us.
7. Where does Jack live now?
Jack and his family moved to Corte Madera, California in October 2012 but as of June 2013 have now moved to Walnut Creek, California.
In July 2018, Jack and his family moved back to East Lothian in Scotland
8. Why haven’t I got a reply to my email?
Jack’s parents run this website (Rose & Ed). Jack’s Dad works full–time and Jack’s Mum has three monkeys to take to school, playgroup, Kindergarten, Hospital appointments and playdates. We cannot answer every single email / Facebook post as quickly as we would like, each requiring a response and some action. Please bear with us, we may miss something, but it’s not on purpose.
9. How old are/were Jack, Toby & Noah?
At the time of Jack Draws Anything, Jack was 6, Toby was 3 and Noah was 2.
Now, Jack is 19, Toby is 15 and Noah is 14½.
10. When is Jack’s birthday?
21 November every year.
11. What is Jack’s full name?
Jack Ieuan Rocky Henderson
12. Who is Jack’s favourite Doctor Who?
Jack likes the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) at the moment. Only slightly edging the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).
13. Does Jack make appearances?
Depends what it is, please ask him?
14. Can I write an article about Jack?
Sure, as long as it is positive and helps promote this website and the fundraising activities for the Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity (previously The Sick Kids Friends Foundation). If you want to use some of the materials on our website, please refer to Question 6. above.
15. Does Jack have a girlfriend?
16. Is Jack left or right handed?
Right handed.
17. Where was Jack born?
Contrary to many news reports, Jack was not born in Prestonpans, East Lothian. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and lived there for a few years before moving to East Lothian.
18. What brands (if any) does Jack use?
He likes Crayola, Sharpie, Derwent, STAEDTLER & Berol, amongst many others.
19. Is there anything Jack won’t draw?
Mummy and Daddy’s answer — be sensible. More or less *anything* minus the sex, drugs, & violence. Although he has done so many dogs and cats now he would prefer something a bit more challenging.
Jack’s answer — “I don’t want to draw anyone dying or being died.”
20. Are you still accepting donations and how can I donate?
Yes please! Please see our Donate page.
21. Where else can I find Jack on the Internet?
22. Can I send Jack some art supplies / crayons / pens?

Lovely, thank you so much for the offer. Jack has so many art supplies already that have been kindly donated, the best thing you could do is either:

  • Donate them to YOUR local kids hospital
  • Send them to the The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh (they need to be new and unopened please, something to do with germs)
  • Put the money towards a donation to Jack’s fundraising

Please email us and let us know so we can help out.

23. How can I donate offline?
Please see our Donate page. Thanks so much.
24. Who/what are Jack’s favourite things?
(In no particular order and it’s hard to keep up) Pugs, Doctor Who, Ben 10, Iron Man, Marvel, Gumball Hedgehogs, Lego, Lego Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, Firemen, Spongebob Squarepants, rabbits, sealions, reading, cycling, scooters, XBox, Michael Jackson, animals, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Lego Ninjago, dinosaurs, running around, rock climbing, football, John Barrowman, trampolining, cuddles from Mummy & jumping on his Daddy
25. Who/what are Jack’s influences?
(In no particular order) Stan Lee, Vincent van Gogh, Jim Henson, George Lucas, Charles M. Schulz, Andy Warhol, Queen, Mum & Dad.
26. What is Jack’s favourite colour?
Yellow Blue.
27. What materials does Jack use?
Crayons, pencils, felt tip pens, paint, watercolours, pastels, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook Express, collage (scissors, glue and anything that can be glued down).
28. What is Jack’s favourite drawing?
It is and always has been — Big smiley bumblebee for my cousin Ethan’s bedroom wall
29. Where can I get one of those Jack Sick Kids heart t–shirts?
Go to the Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity (previously The Sick Kids Friends Foundation) shop to get them — they are available in ages 3–4 and 5–6. Jack and his family are not responsible for making them, nor dispatching them, sorry.
30. What are the literal translations of Jack’s book title Jack Draws Anything?
  • Brazil — Jack – The designer of solidarity
  • Korea — I am a child king of talent donation
31. What is Jack’s favourite drink?
Shirley Temple (Sprite with a burst of cherry flavour)