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No stopping Jack as he ups his target to £15,000

Today, it is exactly 3 weeks since Jack’s little website went live to the world, he is sitting comfortably at just over £11,000, a phenomenal amount of money for a 6 year old to raise in a lifetime, nevermind in less than a month.

But something is wrong, he is not a happy little boy. He is still drawing but he knows the donations have more or less stopped and he wants to know why. He wants to keep them coming in.

Jack is still working away hard, drawing pictures, speaking to newspapers, magazines and TV shows doing his best to raise funds for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation but (in Jack’s words) out there in the World, people have stopped donating.

He wants to raise more now, more than £100, more than £500, more than £1000, now more than £10,000 (he actually wants to raise one million but the comporomise with Mummy & Daddy is a little bit more realistic).

His new target is £15,000. Game on.

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