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Jack to draw Sick Kids Christmas Card

Jack to draw Sick Kids Christmas Card

Jack has been very kindly asked to provide the artwork for a very special addition to the Sick Kids Christmas Card range this year.

The cards are sold every year by The Sick Kids Friends Foundation to raise funds for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children and Jack is honoured to have been asked. He did however find it very strange to be drawing a Christmas themed picture while wearing his shorts and eating an ice lolly. Jack also had a little bit of help from his brothers Toby & Noah.

The Christmas Cards will be available to purchase at the end of August when they are printed and ready for distribution. They will be available in The Sick Kids Friends Foundation shop and website.

Jack dropped off the artwork last week with The Sick Kids Friends Foundation Chief Executive Maureen Harrison:

We are thrilled that Jack has agreed to draw a card for us this year. I had a sneak preview when Jack brought it in to me last week and it’s just lovely. A very special early Christmas present for Sick Kids!

Jack has decided to keep his picture a secret until they are ready to buy in a few weeks.

We hope you can switch your Christmas cards this year to help Jack and the The Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

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