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Super Mega Huge Big Thank Yous

It is been a while since we did a thank you post. Not because we are big meanies but because we have all be busy busy busy. We do try to say thank you and/or reply to every single Facebook message, tweet, email, text, letter but sometimes we do miss one out. Don't take it personally.

We also try to (publicly) say thank you to all the kind gifts of art supplies, donations and other stuff that has come along these last few months. So to (hopefully) catch up and rebalance the karma of the Universe, THANK YOU to the following people (in no particular order):

  • Sarah Tennant for art supplies
  • Slaters Menswear (they supplied the Tuxedos to Jack & Daddy at the Scottish Charity Awards)
  • Liz in North Berwick (sorry didn’t get your surname) for dropping off some art supplies to Cockenzie Primary School
  • Caitlin Tebbit for the lovely letter and art supplies
  • Karl Woolley for the Crayola stuff & paper
  • Karen & Coral for the lovely card and art supplies
  • Jason Dwan for the crayons & felt tips
  • Lee & Piotr (all the way from Australia) for the crayons, pencils, Wiggles comic and letter
  • Steph Kirton for the marker pens and lovely letter
  • Matthew for the pens and caterpillar card
  • Freya for the lovely letter and art stuff

Thank you so much guys, I am sorry we don’t have time to write everyone of you back but hopefully you will see this post and/or get an email from us (where possible). If we have missed you out, its nothing personal, please ping us an email and we can put it right.

Jack, Mum & Dad

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