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Jack hits halfway point

Tonight was a special little milestone as Jack completed picture #270. The reason this is so special is because it means Jack is now closer to the end than the start. He is over HALFWAY!

270 pictures in 92 days (or 3 months exactly) means his estimated time of finishing is now 19 September (his Mummy’s birthday).

After Dad explained this to Jack tonight, Jack demonstrated this point to us by explaining Daddy, its the same as taking all the pictures I’ve done already and putting them in the bin, then drawing different pictures and replacing them. Sounds good to me Jack.

Just think, if we had double the Jack’s we would be finished by now. Donations are still very much welcome over at JustGiving. Thank you. Finished.

Jack hits halfway point

(This post was written by Jack & Dad and the picture was Jack’s idea)

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